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IT departments struggle with data growth and inadequate infrastructure

There is global concern about the business impact and risk from rampant and unrestricted data growth according to a new report.

In addition the study from StorageCraft shows that the IT infrastructures of many organizations are struggling, and often failing, to deliver business continuity in the event of severe data outages.

A majority (86 percent) of respondents believe that data volume will increase 10 times or more in the next five years. When asked about the potential impact of this growth, 80 percent express concern about the risk and the business impact it will have on their organization.

Potential risks from not being able to manage data growth adequately are seen as an increase in operational costs (64 percent), 47 percent foresee an inability to recover quickly enough in the event of a data outage, and 39 percent think they will be more susceptible to security risks. In addition 29 percent believe that strategic projects will fail and 25 percent think revenue generation will lag.

“Despite IT managers’ heroic efforts to maintain the performance and continuity of their IT infrastructures, we are reaching an inflection point where organizations cannot keep up with the volume and complexity of data management,” says Shridar Subramanian, vice president product and marketing at StorageCraft. “The fact that a quarter of companies participating in the research are unable to recover from an outage for days or even weeks highlights how widespread this issue is. Businesses of all sizes and industries strive to flourish in increasingly data-driven economies. To succeed, their IT infrastructures require an economically viable and contemporary scale-out data protection system. StorageCraft’s solutions ensure data is always safe, accessible, and optimized when needed and instantly recoverable in the event of an outage.”

When it comes to infrastructure only 15 percent of respondents have an IT infrastructure that enables them to recover from a severe data loss within an hour. 40 percent believe it would take up to an entire day to recover and 25 percent estimate data recovery could take them days or weeks.

You can find out more on the StorageCraft blog.

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