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It’s a fishy tale … – Irish Tech News


We had a really interesting chat this week. We didn’t talk about the price of the coins or hardly – reflecting in part the very stable week we have enjoyed. It was such a pleasure.

Then in a weird quirk of this industry Liina explained that she was doing a fishy experiment. Her husband had built a mining rig which was running away quietly in the background. She was mining bitcoin but the real test was not to see how much it might cost to mine bitcoin – or even if the mining itself might cost more than the coins received – but to see if the output heat might be sufficient to dry fish parts. Yes, you read that correctly. Liina’s friend was hoping to see if he could solve several problems in one go.

The first was to identify and catch a disruptive non-native fish that was currently dominating Estonian waters. I didn’t catch the name of the fish but in addition to being non-native and encroaching on native Estonian fish, it was also very unpalatable to humans. So he figured they had a big problem with a growing fish population that no one wanted to eat. So, his solution was to take the fish and dry it into waffle like snacks which actually taste very nice. Then he thought why not use the heat generated by mining bitcoin might be sufficient to do the drying. This is where the mining rig built by Liina’s husband came into play. Ultimately if this works, the friend has plans to set up a processing plant run with solar power. What a neat idea.

You heard it here first – why not forward your interesting crypto experiments here…



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