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Liberate your desk with Samsung’s space-saving monitor

The big picture: If you’ve ever found yourself running low on physical space on your desk, Samsung’s new Space Monitor may be worth a look. Its adjustable arm brings the action up close when you need it and pulls back when you don’t, freeing up valuable workspace.

Monitors have always been a static object on my desk. What started as a massive CRT in the late 90s transitioned to an array of flat panels in the mid-2000s before making the move to a single 4K TV a few years back.

The modern and minimalist Samsung Space Monitor features a fully adjustable arm that clamps to the back of your desk. The idea is that, when not in use or when you need more desk space, you can adjust the monitor to move it out of the way.

Offered in 27-inch QHD and 32-inch 4K UHD models, the Space Monitor also includes a discrete cable management system to help keep your workspace tidy.

The Samsung Space Monitor will be on display at Samsung’s booth (#15006) at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES next week. Samsung hasn’t yet said how much the screens will sell for, nor do we have a launch date for them.

A press release from Business Wire said they’d be available to pre-order from today exclusively at Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung but that reference was omitted from the release on Samsung’s website and sure enough, they aren’t showing up on these sites as of this writing.

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