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LIC – Decentralized Ecosystem Protocol

Everyone has the right to choose one’s own money, how to manage it and with whom to share it, worldwide, with no territorial, governmental and time restriction. LIC is a project born with this mission.

We’re at the beginning of LIC the economic revolution: the creation of a decentralized economic system.

➡️ LIC Blockchain —

The goal of the LIC project is to create applications that allow people from all parts of the world to pay and receive money in cryptocurrencies with their smartphones through direct payments without changes and waiting times.

Projects goals
⁃   Create the economy of a cryptocurrency in which people can use it as their money.
⁃   Create applications that allow users to make peer-to-peer transactions.
⁃   Create a community of people who know they can determine the value of a cryptocurrency.

LIC aims for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. How? By solving a problem.
Today, paying for a product or service by cryptocurrencies is hard, because very few activities accept them, so you are forced to change your cryptocurrency into the seller’s money, which takes time and may produce large commissions.
LIC is creating the LIC SMART GLOBAL PAYMENT app (SGP), the meeting point between the customers and the retailers for a simple and intuitive use of the cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the LIC Smart Global Payment app you can pay using your cryptocurrencies in more than 52 million stores provided by NFC POS.

How do transactions occur? The user selects the method of payment between NFC, PayPal, and Wire Transfer, as well as the most known payment processors. Then the user selects the wallet containing the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Everything occurs automatically. The retailer receives a normal payment with the payment processor previously selected as the fiat currency.

This process takes no more than two seconds. The retailer can also have no knowledge of what is a cryptocurrency. This is a unique strength that allows us cryptocurrency users to make the most of our money, and with no limit.
Since LIC provides this service, each payment fee through SGP application is in LIC, increasing the LIC market value.

The LIC community creating an economy has made it possible to create this app. The app’s programming is managed by the DAMO.

LIC is an organization distributed in a blockchain, managed by a DAMO, the first decentralized autonomous meritocratic organization.

The focal point of the blockchain is that there is no central authority, it is said to be decentralized. DAMO has the responsibility of creating and releasing applications and services for the community. The safety and proper behavior of the system depend solely on its users, by a consensus distributed among them.

⁃   Cryptocurrency with a global sharing and training program.
⁃   Fast, secure and private transactions.
⁃   Building of a PEER-TO-PEER economy.
⁃   Real Application on LIC Ecosystem.
⁃   LIC price is protected by a smooth distribution of units.
⁃   Distributed and democratic mining with proof-of-stake and Masternodes.

For the first time, money can be our choice. LIC s strength is each and every person who is determined to adopt it as his or her own money. Adopting LIC means choosing it, keeping it, and using it over time, so as to contribute to the creation of an ecosystem where LIC is the medium of exchange of value.
Through the LIC protocol, it is possible to build decentralized infrastructures managed by subsidiaries (nodes) all over the world, where the user can access and benefit from a peer-to-peer decentralized infrastructure. There is no need for a central unit for controlling and managing the transactions. The users can automatically carry out transactions, and the transactions are checked and approved by other users as part of the network.

Cryptocurrencies are money, like any other currencies. Their weak spot is they are more difficult to use for our payments because:
– we are not used to conducting cryptocurrency transactions
– it’s hard to get used to something you can’t do every day

Over the past ten years, more than 5000 cryptocurrencies have been created, but none of them, not even Bitcoin, can be used at the same level with which we use our nation’s money today.
There are cards that allow you to pay in cryptocurrency in stores or send payments online using your crypto-wallet, but you can only pay with Bitcoin and the most famous, Altcoins. Furthermore, the commissions are high. For example, paying for a coffee becomes counterintuitive if the commissions are greater than the expense.
If cryptocurrencies mean we must alter our habits, they will be very difficult to adopt. Conversely, if they can become part of our lives, in our rituals, facilitating the actions we already do, then a mass adoption of cryptocurrencies would be possible.
LIC Project wants to create applications that will make the use of cryptocurrencies simple and widespread, easy to use in our daily life. The first application that LIC is creating is LIC SPG, with which you’ll be able to pay through a smartphone app in every online store and physical shop which provides POS NFC (NFC POS terminals to reach 112 million by 2022).
The LIC SPG app will be linked to your cryptocurrency wallets, you can select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with, and in two seconds, the app processes the payment and the store receives the converted amount in its local currency. The cost will be paltry, and the time it takes is a matter of seconds. You won’t even need to ask for a card because you can do it from your smartphone. There are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world today: this means that in the world of wireless, 35.13% of the world’s population have a smartphone today.

There is no money without users. The value of a cryptocurrency is the network of people who participate in it, creating an economy with ever-increasing volumes of transactions and numbers of users. Project sharing is essential, above all, because every person who is part of the LIC project today will then be a client of the applications that will be released. For this reason, project sharing is rewarded. The ambassadors are those who want to collaborate in achieving the objectives of the project by sharing LIC. The sharing system is an exclusive service of the LIC Wold platform accessible at

Get LIC for Masternodes
Get LIC by producing them through proof-of-stake mining and Masternodes.
POS start date: 05/03/2017

Sell products and services for LIC
Accept payments in LIC for your physical or online business.

Peer-to-peer trading or on exchange
Get LIC from another user or buy LIC by Bitcoin on (purchase limit of 300 LIC per week).

2018 – 2019
Beginning of the mining on March 2018 ✅
New Logo ✅
White paper 1.0 ✅
Available on the 1st exchange ✅
Opening trades on the exchange ✅
White paper 2.0 ✅
Social networks pages ✅
Listed on  ✅
Video marketing ✅
New presentation ✅
Listed on ✅
Listed on ✅
Listed on ✅
Listed on ✅
Listed on ✅
New White paper 3.0  ✅
Listed on ✅
Video Beta-Application SGP ✅
Ambassadors Plan 2.0 ✅

4th quarter of 2019
LIC World release ✅
White paper 4.0
Ambassadors Plan 3.0
Mobile box (Share Masternodes)
Masternodes and Mobile nodes
Exchange Fiat P2P / LocalLIC
AI Bitcoin, AI Arbitrage
Available on 2nd Exchange

LICpay Platform API
Crypto-ID member
Arbitrage and AI prediction software
Web Wallet
Downloadable wallet
LIC SGP (Smart Global Payment)
E-commerce platform
DAMO ecosystem
ICO Stake Program Launch
Listing on new listing websites
Turbo Swap
Voting system
Anonymous chat
Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet
LIC Embassy
Crowdfunding ICO Ecosystem

LicSX (Smart exchange)
ICO collection
P2P decentralized exchange
Launch of decentralized nodes
Node project presentation
Governance 2.0

LIC Decentralized Ecosystem


Blockchain technology, applied to finance, has changed the world. Nine years have passed since the first cryptocurrency was born. What is the situation today? $500 billion market cap and $35 billion of transactions per day. LIC actively participates in this revolution in the financial world. Today LIC community is interested in micro-payments, transactions, the holding of value and the construction of an ecosystem where LIC can be used.

LIC is more than a cryptocurrency. LIC is a growing global community united by a common belief.
We were born to grow together.


Join LIC now!


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