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Lights, Camera…Corona! Filmmakers already cashing in on Covid-19 pandemic — RT USA News

While major Hollywood studios are pushing their film production and releases back due to the Covid-19 pandemic, independent movie makers are rushing to cash in with films like ‘Corona Zombies.’

Full Moon Features, responsible for horror franchises such as ‘Puppet Master,’ debuted the trailer for ‘Corona Zombies’ on Wednesday in the midst of the pandemic and announced the film will be available to watch via their streaming app on April 10.

The movie was announced midway through March, and the production values — limited sets, reused footage — display just how quickly the flick was put together. The trailer alone includes direct references to social distancing, Wuhan, China, and much more.

In a press release, the company unashamedly describes the horror film as “and most controversial exploitation movie of the year!” 

Exploiting a crisis while the world is still making their way through it may not be the most popular idea, though, as social media reactions have ranged from shock to disappointment.

“Full Moon recently did a new movie called Corona Zombies, the inspiration of which should be obvious. I thought that couldn’t be a worse idea until I saw the trailer,” Honest Gamers editor Joseph Schaffer tweeted in reaction.

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“We can’t know peace,” another user added

The coronavirus has not only inspired a schlocky horror film already, but also a dramatic feature. 

The Canadian movie ‘Corona’, currently being shopped around for distribution, follows seven neighbors trapped in an elevator while the Covid-19 crisis begins. One neighbor is Chinese and faces discrimination from the others. The flick has already been completed.

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“The virus doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?” director Mostafa Keshvari told The Hollywood Reporter about the film, which he says was partly inspired by US President Donald Trump’s insistence on referring to the virus as the “Chinese coronavirus.”

While independent producers are looking to profit from the current pandemic, more mainstream studios have put various productions on hold and moved the majority of summer releases, including ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ to later release dates.

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