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Memory-Lane Monday: Did they say anything about an offer you couldn’t refuse?

After working for a company that provides services to regional automobile dealerships such as sales, financing and inventory-control software, this pilot fish leaves to start his own company.

Shortly after that, he gets a call from a dealership that’s a client of his old employer.

“They heard I now owned a small software-development business,” says fish. “They’re interested in dumping the old company and want to know if I can develop competing software for them.”

That sounds like a good opportunity to expand his business, so fish sets up a meeting.
Turns out the assignment is simple: The dealership wants software just like what fish’s former employer provides.

Sure, says fish, I can develop new software to meet your needs.

“No,” the guy from the dealership says, “we don’t want new software. We want it to be exactly like the old software.”

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