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Microsoft is reportedly planning to roll out its own Surface-branded AirPods alternative

Regardless of how you feel about Apple as a company, it’s tough to deny that their AirPods were fairly innovative for their time. Wireless earbuds have existed for years, of course, but few are as long-lasting, convenient, and compact as the AirPods.

However, lately, the earbuds have faced increasing competition from other tech companies. Samsung revealed the Galaxy Buds back in February, and they are functionally quite similar to the AirPods (though the Buds come in a smaller, more elegant form factor).

Now, Microsoft could be looking to force its way into the wireless earbud arena with its own AirPods alternative, codenamed “Morrison.” This information comes from a Thurrott report, which claims that the earbuds will likely ship under the Surface brand name.

Microsoft could be looking to force its way into the wireless earbud arena with its own AirPods alternative, codenamed “Morrison.”

Apparently, Microsoft wants to cover the two “major categories” of headphones: over-ear and in-ear. The tech giant has already accomplished the former with the launch of its Surface Headphones, and project Morrison will undoubtedly fit the latter category.

In terms of features, we don’t know much about Morrison at the moment. Thurrott does say that the buds could contain a feature that “[improves] interactions between a phone and the earbuds” to make reading websites, e-books, and other digital content easier on smartphones, but that functionality may not make it into the final product.

Pricing and release date information is unknown, and there’s no guarantee that Morrison will ever see the light of day. Tech companies create and shut down product ideas regularly, often before the public even catches wind of them.

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