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More Manipulation in Traditional Markets Than in Crypto Markets – Binance CEO – Bitzamp

Cryptocurrency is vulnerable to market manipulation and lacks standard consumer protections that come with established financial markets.

Binance CEO expressed that Bitcoin and crypto market as a whole was severely undervalued given major recent developments.

However, according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, there is far greater manipulation present in the traditional markets than crypto markets. He states that since most of these instruments only trade in one market, there is a far greater bond between media and the market.

Cryptocurrencies trade in multiple markets, which make them more difficult to manipulate. It’s not like the market manipulation doesn’t exist in the crypto world, on the contrary — it still remains a problem for those who can do nothing about it. Although the crypto market is not as easy to manipulate as the traditional one, it still has a number of its own problems.

More Manipulation in Traditional Markets Than in Crypto Markets – Binance CEO

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