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Motorola’s foldable Razr will finally be released on February 6th for $1,499 – BGR

While it isn’t the first foldable phone to hit the market, Motorola’s redesigned Razr might be the first with mainstream appeal. Originally announced last year, preorders for the foldable Razr were set to begin on December 26th, but due to overwhelming demand, Motorola opted to delay preorders. On Wednesday, Motorola revealed that preorders now begin on January 26th, with the phone set to launch on February 6th for $1,499.

Preorders for the Razr are available exclusively from Verizon, Walmart, and If you opt in to Verizon’s Device Payment plan, you’ll pay $62.49 a month for 24 months before the Razr is paid off.

The 6.2-inch Flex View OLED display is the star of the show here, utilizing a hinge mechanism that allows the phone to close perfectly flush like the original Razr would. There is also a touchscreen Quick View display on the back panel that you can use to check and respond to notifications, take selfies, play music, and use Google Assistant. That way, you won’t have to flip the phone open every time you want to perform basic actions.

The specifications are somewhat disappointing for a $1,500 phone, as Motorola has opted to include a Snapdragon 710 processor and a 16-megapixel main camera, but compromises apparently had to be made.

Finally, it’s worth noting that every Motorola Razr comes with Razr earbuds, which are described as “a premium USB-C headset professionally tuned by Denon Audio expert sound engineers with advanced Digital Signal Processing for amazing sound whether traveling, working or relaxing” by Verizon.

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