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NAVAIR Has Partnered With ITAMCO In The Study Of The Blockchain To Track Aircraft

The Naval Air Systems Command navigation system development team (Southwest Navy team) has announced that it is partnering with technology and manufacturing companies (ITAMCO) in Indiana to investigate the use of blockchain in aircraft tracking, the company said.

Knowing the origin and history of aircraft parts that require special attention is a resource-intensive process that stimulates the cost of operating military aircraft. The Navy hopes to change the way it tracks the origin of aircraft parts. Research has begun that hopes to transfer the naval aviation enterprise to a permitted blockchain.

ITAMCO is the developer of the SIMBA network. SIMBA Chain is a product of DARPA’s army project to track secure messages using blockchain.

The fleet support team believes that increased visibility and traceability will help NAVAIR maintain a naval air mission with an increased focus on security and with less cost than we can currently achieve.

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