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New AirPods will cost $200, report says

A new generation of AirPods has been hinted at for quite a while now, but a fresh rumor suggests we’ll be getting a new version of the wireless earbuds this year, and they’ll be much easier to hold on to.

The iOS 12.2 Beta already let slip that second-generation AirPods are set to arrive soon complete with built-in Siri functionality. This latest rumor comes via MySmartPrice as reported by MacRumors.

It is thought that Apple is set to offer a pair of AirPods complete with improved bass response without adjusting the exterior shape or dimensions in any way. Apple is also going to fix one of the biggest problems with the AirPods: the fact it was so easy to drop and lose them. The new version are covered in a grip coating that’s being described as similar to the coating on the back of Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone.

We are also expecting some type of health sensor and features while battery life is thought to be almost exactly the same. The other big change is color. Rather than just offering the AirPods in white, the second-generation models will be available in black or white.

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So overall, we should expect better audio, easier grip earbuds, a choice of black or white colors, and new health features. That all sounds great, but there is one downside, and as this is Apple you can probably guess what that is. The new AirPods are thought to cost $40 more than the old ones, meaning $200. $160 was expensive enough, but then we said that about the iPhones before Apple raised the prices for this generation.

There’s a suggestion that the AirPower wireless charging pad is set to arrive this year, too, but we won’t hold our breath for it ever appearing from Apple’s R&D labs at this point.

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