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New solution protects enterprises against ransomware

Ransomware attacks are increasingly well targeted and complex, and they can prove devastating for businesses.

Storage specialist Cohesity is launching a new set of anti-ransomware capabilities for its DataPlatform that can directly combat attacks.

It offers three levels of security, the first is prevention which guards backup copies. If an attacker tries to modify a backup, Cohesity DataPlatform will write the data to a new instance, keeping the original snapshot intact and preserved. It also allows selected jobs to be locked to ensure a higher level of protection. Plus multi-factor authentication helps guard against phishing or brute force password attacks.

Secondly, detection uses a SaaS-based secondary data and application management solution that provides anomaly detection that alerts the customer’s IT admin and Cohesity’s support team when the backup data changes. This can include shifts in the change rate or other activity falling outside the norm based on historical trends

And thirdly response capabilities allow instant mass restore so IT admins can recover not just files but hundreds of virtual machines instantly, at scale, to any point in time. A process that could take legacy or even modern backup solutions days, if not weeks. A search feature also allows admins to quickly locate infected files and take remedial action.

“Legacy backup solutions are ineffective against today’s ransomware attacks, which have become a top concern for almost every organization,” says Raj Rajamani, vice president of product management at Cohesity. “Real protection requires an integrated approach that combines proactive defense measures, intelligent monitoring, and the power to restore massive amounts of data immediately.”

You can find out more on the Cohesity blog.

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