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New Year – Crypto Divas with special guest Simon Cocking – Irish Tech News

So the New Year has brought with it lots of change. We almost had the Constantinople Fork, we seem to have more price stability and now we have a new guest on our weekly show – Simon Cocking. I am pretty sure that everyone knows who Simon is but just in case let me introduce him as the editor in chief of and Irish Tech News. He is also one of the top ICO advisors globally and travels and keynotes all over the world at blockchain conferences.

So, rather than Liina and I picking out snippets of news this week, I rounded up a few topics and asked my two guests their views. We talked about Russia buying bitcoin or not. CNN seems to have debunked that particular story from last week but it does raise a lot of questions about what Russia is doing. As Liina is next door to Russia (in her native Estonia) she had some comments to make.

Then we had a look at the cancellation of the Ethereum Constantinople Fork and why it didn’t happen and if it is important in the long run. Might there be have a new coin to content with and how would that work?

Since Mt Gox everyone has been warned not to leave their money on exchanges unless you are actively trading. Put them away in cold storage or offline wallets. News this week of another hack, this time on a New Zealand exchange, Cryptopia which announced significant loses as a result. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Regulation, especially on taxation, is worth mentioning. Estonia is pretty advanced and here in Ireland the department of Finance is looking at treating crypto as an asset and only taxable only when it lands – and then the profit or loss is based on regular capital gains tax.

Finally the price of bitcoin – where it is going – tune in to hear from both Liina and Simon and what they think.

Enjoy this week’s Crypto Divas with Simon Cocking as a special guest





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