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Nuitka Python-to-C compiler readies big performance gains

Nuitka, a compiler that transforms Python into C for the sake of both performance gains and a more portable runtime, has reached its 0.6 release—a milestone that lays the groundwork for future performance gains. As Nuitka developer Kay Hayen put it, “Performance improvements are likely in every coming release.”

Nuitka 0.6 applies optimizations to Python’s bool types (true/false), so that code using them can be reduced to the most efficient possible C code. The bool optimizations come as a prelude to similar optimizations for other variable types.

Nuitka, like Cython, compiles a Python program to C, and links the resulting executable against the Python runtime for maximum compatibility. Python versions 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3 through 3.7 are all supported, including constructions like async.

Python programs compiled with Nuitka can benefit from large performance boosts. Hayen claims a Nuitka-compiled version of the Pystone benchmark runs some 312 percent faster than a conventional CPython implementation.

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