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NYPD cops bust looter inside Microsoft store after others flee

A trio of NYPD cops came face-to-face with looters at the Midtown Microsoft store on Monday night as roving gangs brazenly busted windows and destroyed everything in sight.

The store on 5th Avenue near East 53rd Street was one of many businesses targeted Monday night by a roving group of young, coordinated looters.

The crew went to work on the electronics after their apparent leader, riding a Revel motorized scooter, shouted out “Microscoft store!” at about 9 p.m.

From there, as witnessed by a Post reporter, a pair of youths equipped with crowbars emerged, and within minutes broke through the plywood protecting the storefront windows.

An NYPD cop car pulled up shortly after and chased the two young men, presenting an opportunity for dozens more to rush to the store and enter through its smashed front entrance.

“Get that money,” the man on the Revel shouted as the looters had free reign on the store for about 10 minutes before a trio of NYPD cops arrived from a rear entrance.

Once officers were spotted, somebody in the group screamed, “Go, police!” and most rushed outside.

But cops were able to arrest one straggler.

As officers were struggling with the the young man, some in the group, many who lingered out front to watch the struggle, raised the idea of helping their friend.

“Yo, let’s go. Let’s him him out,” a man could be heard saying.

NYPD Chief of Department Terenece Monhahan visited the store shortly after the thefts.

Hours earlier, Monahan had pleaded with protesters to stop the violent outbursts perpetrated a splinter group of mainly young men mixed among the demonstrators.

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