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Raido Financial – A Reliable and Secure Cryptosystem

Raido Financial is an international fintech network that incorporates an assortment of universal crypto tools to perform trading, financials, exchanges, and investment operations for B2B and B2C crypto investors and traders. The platform envisions to offer powerful, productive, and secure tools to execute various crypto activities efficiently via a single platform. Additionally, the platform has created two MVP products – Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange and the Raido Multicurrency Wallet.
Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange
Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange is a versatile, reliable, and efficient solution for trading activities and ICO tokens. It offers traders and investors a high scaling potentials and processing speeds. With cryptocurrency, Raido exchange users can obtain:

More than 50 cryptocurrency exchange and margin trading tools
Multifunctional technical resource analysis
High-speed connection channel that can process 100 requests per second
Connection with external services of crypto-exchanges and payment systems
Aggregation and distribution of liquidity
Data encryption storage and two-factor authentication
Option to add custom tokens including ICO/TGE/ITO
Use of APIs with REST, FIX, and WebSocket protocols

Multicurrency Raido Wallet
Raido Financial offers a cohesive solution for crypto traders where they can efficiently trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. It comes with the following features:

Support for bitcoins, altcoins and major new tokens
Authentication of the fund’s security through private keys, encryption, and wallet cryptography
Integration with online projects and issuances of own cryptocurrency
A one-click transaction process
Maintenance and use of funds in all supported coins
Multilingual support in languages including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, etc.
Dynamic calculation of commission fee

Operational Potentials of the Platform
Below are the following benefits of Raido Financial:

Execution of various trading operations seamlessly with highly technological features.
High performance and load-processing system that offers users with optimum data processing speed.
A tokenized smart-processing system available for ICO/TGE/ITO projects. The system offers a comprehensive tool required to successfully launch token sales.
Multicurrency wallet enabling users to securely, profitably and anonymously execute trading, investment, and exchange activities.
The platform uses liquidity aggregators to ensure integration with major trading platforms, brokers, exchanges, and other financial entities.

Token Sale 
The Raido Financial token (RF) is an ERC20 standard token. The token is valued in terms of Ethereum, where 1 RF = 0.001 ETH. The pre-sale will start on November 15 th, 2018 and end the same day. Moreover, the crowd sale will start on 15 January 2019 and will end on the same day as well. The token distribution will be executed in the following manner:

Developing, testing, and product debugging costs- 36%
Marketing costs – 21%
Company – 10%
Developers – 10%
Legal expenses – 9%
Advisors – 6%
Bounty – 3%
Airdrop – 2%

Raido Financial – A Unified Crypto Trading Zone
Raido Financial is a transformational platform that is reinforcing the present crypto exchange market by making it more efficient, streamlined, and secure. Its two benchmark MVP products ensure that users can seamlessly execute a number of digital trading activities through a single platform and earn substantial returns on their investments.
Disclaimer: This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the company, product or service. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, product or service mentioned in this press release.
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