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Rapper Future put on social media trial for buying his 5yo a ROLEX — RT USA News

Atlanta rapper Future is no stranger to splashing the cash. His video of him gifting his son a gold Rolex watch for his 5th birthday has gone viral with people debating the rapper’s parenting skills.

The closest most people come to owning a Rolex is picking up a $40 knockoff from Hong Kong, but not five-year-old Future Jr., who unwrapped a shiny new Rolex, courtesy of his father, prominent Atlanta rapper Future.

For those in the scene, the rapper’s display of wealth was not a surprise. Just last week the lyricist – who once rapped “I got so rich, nothing matters to me” – posted an Instagram story showing two of his 10 children playing with fat stacks of dollar bills, dressed in miniature suits.

Regardless, commenters on Twitter lectured the rapper for his ostentatious display. “There’s trying your best to be a good father and then there is being a tone deaf parent who doesn’t care enough to relate to your children’s wants & needs as they grow,” one wrote.

Some commenters defended the rap star.

Future Jr. is one of Future’s 10 children, fathered with eight women. His mother is none other than R&B singer Ciara. According to the social media gossip mill, Ciara and current boyfriend Russell Wilson threw Future Jr. a separate birthday party, taking the boy go-karting, without a Rolex in sight.

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