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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro & Baby Momma Jen Harley Are Back Together… Again!

Well, best of luck… again.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have had one of the most tumultuous, rocky relationships we’ve ever seen — and we’ve seen plenty.

We got the feeling the on again, off again couple were back on earlier this month when Jen was seen kissing Ronnie’s forehead in a photo on her Instagram Story. It may not be the most intimate thing, but it’s a far cry from bashing his head in…

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The other big clue was when they played an April Fool’s Day joke pretending to get married in a Las Vegas chapel.

The couple that plays together stays together… for a while. / (c) Jen Harley/Instagram

It’s not that we were fooled by the wedding pics — we just mean it’s something you have to work together to do.

Like when they basically faked that story they were pregnant with a second child. That took coordination. If only one had done it, it could have been just seen as an accidentally misleading choice of words and pics.

Confused Season 1 GIF by Jersey Shore Family Vacation - Find & Share on GIPHY

The point is, this felt like they were a couple again. And now it’s Instagram official.

The Jersey Shore star confirmed the reconciliation by posting a pic of the couple clearly all smiles on a date:

Ronnie and Jen pose on their date
Ronnie and Jen pose with a… big toy skinned rabbit. How romantic? / (c) Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Instagram

He captioned the photo, quite tellingly:

“DOUBLY Blessed!”

We assume he means having a beautiful daughter Ariana Sky AND being back with her baby momma?

Or maybe he means doubly blessed like having found love with Jen twice… no, then it would have to be like “quadrupley blessed.”

But the clearest message was Ronnie linking in his IG bio to a story in RadarOnline about the couple being back together. Seems like an endorsement to us (in more ways than one, ha!).

In any case, we hope this is good news.

For most toddlers we’d automatically be encouraged by their parents making it work. But these two have a history of making each other very, very angry — and getting violent when they get angry.

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But they both seem like they’ve grown — and maybe that’s what they saw in each other this time.

The reconciliation seemed to get kicked off as they both attended a baby shower in Austin, Texas back in March.

At the time we heard the two were starting to be more civil as they continued coparenting — and Ronnie reportedly “committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Jen even shared video of Ronnie being a sweet daddy on her IG Story. Perhaps from that point it was inevitable these two would fall back in love.

We just hope it’s a chiller, less volatile love this time around…

[Image via Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Instagram.]

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