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Russia’s Open Innovation Forum 2018 – Irish Tech News

Russia has done it again, pulling one of the best Technology forums I have been to with such a huge magnitude. When I got invited to the Open Innovation Forum, at the newly built Skolkovo Innovation Center, I had no idea what to expect. As a first time visitor to Russia and more specifically Moscow my expectations were very mixed, not knowing that I will be blown away by the magnitude of the Capital and brilliantly designed Skolkovo (located 50 mins drive from City Centre).

Skolkovo Innovation Center:

If you are in technology and are exploring opportunities in Moscow this is the event to be at. Skolkovo reminded me of the ambitious drive Dubai had when it first established it’s famous Internet City. It is full of technology companies, Startups and multinational corporations mixing together under one roof. It felt alive with overflowing creativity in every facet of the buildings.

Open Innovation 2018

A multi-stack forum with one vision, to place Russia as a heavyweight in innovation globally. The event had many tiers as well from the very trendy trade show floor plan with coffee stands allocated in every corner to high-level open talks in the middle of the hall. Of course, most of the talks were in Russian but the translators were at hand to provide easily understood translations. Also, I have to mention how most of the people at the event even in the city have at least a good conversational English. Did I mention that there autonomous car to test drive? (video below). My recommendation is to visit first, make good contacts and if desired exhibit the year after.

Meeting the Skolkovo Startups

First of all many of I have to give credit the outstanding hospitality shown to us throughout the entire trip, especially to our representative Lyuba who was amazing at helping us out with anything we need. We were also given the opportunity to meet some homegrown startups that are based in Skolkovo City. The technologies they were working on were not limited to one industry. Most of the startups had already built commercially ready products and solutions in Industrial IoT, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

As well as proprietary tech that delved deep into the human brain, literally. That company was called NeuroChat. Using brainwaves (EEG) to control text on screens for people with disability to communicate freely.

Had the chance to sit down with Konstantin Kozlov, Marketing Director of VIST Robotics while visiting the Skolkovo Open Innovations Summit 2018. The event was held in Moscow Russia. The interview covered how they were able to remote access and control heavy machinery from across the globe. It had a lot benefits from geolocating the machines to security and of course the big data analysis.

You can’t also leave such a Russian event without bumping into a Blockchain Company. This interview was a unique one as IPCHAIN an Enterprise company with the sole purpose to support Startups with strong Intellectual Property and binding agreement requirements, like music and Real Estate industry. The designed a tokenized platform that allows their subsidiaries draw up contracts on the blockchain technology. Below is the interview at their swanky exhibition booth in Open Innovations.

The Scooter Craze done right

From Russia with Global HQ in Ireland, Scooter sharing platform, Samocat, is resolving one of the biggest problems many urban cities are facing with the new wave of scooter sharing and rental apps like Uber, Lime and Bird. The ability to centralise the parking of these scooter into one place. They are brand agnostic so you can park your scooter be it Segway or Xiaomi, you can park it neatly in one location. Here’s the interview with CEO, Vasilii Bykov, explaining the business model further:


Gadget special: This one is for the parents out there…

For any working parent, uncle or grandmother with kids that to watch TV or always have trouble snatching your phone away from them. You will love this gadget by CineMood:


Most Exciting Car Ride!

What happens with you mix self-driving cars with taxis? Yandex’s all new autonomous taxi cars! One of the accelerating drives I’ve had so far with a car that drives like a human, stops like a human, turns corners like a human, but does a lot better job at spacial awareness. You can see in the video how the car car literally see everything around it, moving or still, within at least 300 meter radius. It’s decision making astonished me. When time comes and these cars become publicly available, I will certainly be the first to use them.

If you ever needed to explore business opportunities in Russia Open Innovations Forum in Skolkovo is the by far the best event to attend for. The caliber of exhibitors, speakers, and attendees is is high and serious about doing business with the rest of the world.

Also, if you ever had the chance to visit Moscow for any other business be sure to visit Skolkovo Innovation Park. Here is the link for the event site. Contact the organiser, they are more than happy to help and support you with your business inquiries.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking




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