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SID Limited (SID) announces receiving the Notice of Allowance for its first US patent – Irish Tech News

SID has announced that it received, from the US Patent Office, a Notice of Allowance in respect of patent Application Number 15/548,351, submitted by the Co-Founder and Chairman of SID, Jose Merino, originally with priority date of 3rd February 2015. Mr Merino has over his career in the Telecom and Technology sector been granted more than 15 patents. This experience has proved invaluable in both working through the patent process and also having seen commercially the importance of patents in his previous executive roles at both large multi-national corporations and in a successful start-up exit. This news comes six weeks after LDJ Cayman Fund purchased $3 million worth of SID Tokens from SID Limited.

Over the last 4 months we have seen a change in the mix of contributors to tokens sales with more interest from professional and institutional investors and less from the retail contributors. Contributors want to see how the token issuer will create value, grow and scale the network and user-base to take advantage of Metcalfe´s Law. SID has had commercial product releases, both with his own brand and inside the App of 3rdparty major brands like Dunkin´ Coffee in Spain. The information gained from such trials has enabled SID to both refine the product and also work with the merchants to understand how the product can be used to drive both top-line revenue and bottom-line impact for the merchant.

A granted Patent will provide SID with a competitive edge to exploit its IPR commercially and to protect against unlicensed use of its technology.

With the SID milestones achieved, we at SID believe the time is ripe for M&As (Merger and Acquisitions). In this respect SID is exploring the possibility of acquiring a token or equity interest in 3rd party companies where SID product can be introduced to that base. The reverse is also true, SID Limited is open to be acquired partly or whole through selling its tokens or equity to an institutional investor or acquisitive well-funded company to accelerate its growth.

According to Satya Bajpai of JMP Securities’ head of blockchain and digital assets investment banking, “the crypto-winter presents an opportune moment for those eyeing access to innovative tech, intellectual property and talent in the emerging space”.

SID, concurs with the conclusions of Satya Bajpai of JMP Securities and see these so called “bearish times” as an opportunity for consolidation through M&A. During their combined over 100 years in the Telecoms industry, the executives of SID have seen many M&A deals over the years and believe this can lead to growth moving faster; if a deal brings the technology, IP protection, the financing and go to market opportunity together.

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