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Snapchat DOWN – App NOT WORKING as users hit with refresh error problems

Snapchat is a hugely-popular app that encourages people to share pictures and video with one another.

But this afternoon the client appears to be down with users receiving a message saying “could not refresh, please try again” when attempting to load stories and other feeds.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector registered over 300 reports at one time from users insisting the messaging app was not working as it should.

And a number of users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at the service outage.

One said: “Anyone else’s snapchat not working?

“Keeps saying ‘could not refresh please try again’.”

A third tweeted: “Here we go again #SnapchatDown.”

A forth declared: “Why does snapchat have be down when I don’t want it to be?”

One user in particular emphasised they had tried restarting their phone and updating it in the hope of getting Snapchat to work.

However they explained the apps still refused to work as normal.

The user said: “Is Snapchat down?

“It’s being just like YouTube was the other day.

“Can’t refresh or anything as if there were no connection to internet but there is.

“I’ve tried restarting phone, updating it, everything.”

More to follow…

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