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Experts crack mystery of ancient Egypt’s sacred bird mummies | Science

An ancient Egyptian mystery has been solved, according to researchers, who say they have cracked the conundrum of where millions of mummified birds came from....

Ex-CIA spy flees from Italy to U.S. fearing for her safety: paper

ROME (Reuters) – A former U.S. spy, pardoned by Italy in connection with the CIA kidnapping of a terrorism suspect in Milan, has fled from...
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Over 1,900 arrested as Egypt braces for more protests | World news

More than 1,900 people have been arrested in Egypt in the last week, as the country braces for further demonstrations on Friday against the rule...
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Johnson offers words of praise to Egypt’s leader despite repression | Politics

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, lavished praise on Egypt at a bilateral meeting with its president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, in New York, hours before the...

Rising seas threaten Egypt’s fabled port city of Alexandria

Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria, which has survived invasions, fires and earthquakes since it was founded by Alexander the Great more than 2,000 years ago,...