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Founder of 8Chan Faces Prison Time in the Philippines for Calling Current Owner ‘Senile’

Frederick Brennan.Photo: Ted Aljibe/AFP (Getty Images) Frederick Brennan, the founder of the fringe 8chan discussion board that disbanded after users on its far-right /pol/ subforum...
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YouTuber Gives Fake Award to Far Right Activist Who Calls Greta Thunberg an ‘Autistic Fucking Wench’

YouTuber Josh Pieters has revealed that he pranked far right British commentator Katie Hopkins by flying her to Prague and presenting her with a fake...
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India Shuts Down Internet Amid Mass Protests

Indian police detain a protester in Ahmadabad, India, on Dec. 19, 2019.Photo: Ajit Solanki (AP) Indian authorities have shut down internet access across much of...
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Video: Justin S. Wales on How the First Amendment Protects Bitcoin

In a tweet he posted on November 25, 2019, Carlton Fields Senior Counsel Justin S. Wales announced the publication of a unique research paper which...

Meet the Biggest Fans of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

The replies to Collins’ tweet were full of suspicion. These had to be spam, or bots gravitating toward any video with sufficient engagement, or an...
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Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Clockwise from top left: Jim Cooke; Angelica Alzona; Alex Cranz; Chelsea Beck (all Gizmodo). 2019 Comic-Con International: San Diego is coming this week, which means...