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Coronavirus ‘speed bump’ will slow banks’ take-up of blockchain

Executives leading the charge for the adoption of cutting-edge blockchain technology in the banking sector concede that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in...
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Central banks free up US dollar liquidity amid coronavirus pandemic – FinTech Futures

The central banks of England, Canada, Japan, Europe, Switzerland and the US have teamed up to help tackle market instability in the global economy caused...

Jose Duarte discusses how the blockchain is going to change the business space this year

There were certainly a ton of features and market inclusions last year, so attempting to return and record each and every story is...
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2018 still stands as the reigning year – FinTech Futures

Global fintech funding results show 2018 is still the reigning year for fintech investment, according to a report by Crunchbase. The report shows that 2019 was...
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PPRO gives Europe’s merchants access to Chinese shoppers with UnionPay – FinTech Futures

PPRO has announced it’s become a direct acquirer for UnionPay International, the world’s largest card scheme by card issuance. PPRO will now support processing and...
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UK fintech global investor figures for 2019 propped up by Worldpay deal – FinTech Futures

British fintech companies attracted almost double the amount of global investments last year, but 88% of it was made up of the Worldpay mega deal...
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Unite Global gets $5.25m from Svea to launch cross-border payments hub – FinTech Futures

Unite Global, the Norwegian cross-border payments correspondence software which compliments Swift, has secured $5.25 million in funding to launch its ‘UNITE’ banking payments hub. The...