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Uncategorized Attacked Over Refusal to Implement Bitcoin SegWit

The Segregated Witness (Segwit) protocol for Bitcoin, has grown since its activation in 2017. However, it would seem that exchanges adopting the protocol are few,...
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China Considers Ban on Cryptocurrency Mining Because It’s a Stupid Waste of Energy

Photo: Getty Images Regulators in China are considering a ban on cryptocurrency mining as an “undesirable” economic activity, according to a government document released Monday....
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Why Nikolay Shkilev is backing FidelityHouse – Irish Tech News

Nikolay Shkilev is a Crypto enthusiast and mentor, rated Top 5 in People of Blockchain and an ICObench expertWhat is your background briefly? Firstly, I...
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2019 – it’s going to be wall to wall STOs … listen to the Crypto Divas – Irish Tech News

Welcome back to the Crypto Divas and our first video for 2019. Liina and I did a bit of a look back at 2018. Liina...