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#CubeConversations #theCube burnout Cohesity Cube Event Coverage IT John Troyer Michael Letschin NEWS People Survey TechReckoning VMworld 2019

IT professionals don’t disconnect, and burnout is a big concern, survey finds

Work continues long after the workday is done, the pressure is intense, management is in chaos, and vacation is only a dream. Welcome to the...
#CubeConversations #theCube #thecube10years Applications AWS Carl Eschenbach Cisco Cloud cloud foundry Cube Event Coverage EMC Google IBM Microsoft multicloud NEWS nicira NSX pat gelsinger Pivotal Red Hat Virtualization VMware vmworld

Focus on multicloud: Analysts discuss VMware’s history and challenges in advance of VMworld 2019

A little over six years ago, top executives from VMware Inc. stood on a Las Vegas stage and, in front of hundreds of partners, expressed...
#CubeConversations #theCube American Enterprise Institute China congress Cube Event Coverage cybersecurity cyberwar Dragos Evan Anderson FireEye IIoT INVNT/IP IoT Iran Mark Anderson Military NEWS Phil Lohaus Russia Security Strategic News Service Triton U.S. government

Armageddon now or later? Industrial IoT is the new battleground as cyberwar heats up

The stage is set for the world to find out what might happen if petrochemical, gas, and power plant safety systems designed to prevent catastrophic...
#GuestOfTheWeek #ImagineABetterWorld #theCube AWS AWS and enterprise security AWS Imagine AWS product pipeline big data Booz Allen Hamilton Brad Myles child exploitation computing infrastructure education Cube Event Coverage Delta Airlines Guests of the Week Homepage Cube Videos hotline human trafficking Lyft NEWS nonprofit sector PagerDuty People Polaris Project

North Star of freedom: How Polaris leverages business and data to combat human trafficking

Since human trafficking today has become a $150-billion major enterprise, why not fight one big business with another? This is the strategy that the nonprofit...
#ImagineABetterWorld #theCube AI AWS and enterprise security AWS Imagine AWS product pipeline computing infrastructure education Cube Event Coverage exploitation facial recognition human trafficking ICMEC missing children NEWS nonprofit sector Paul Shapiro The-Latest video exclusive

AI, facial-recognition tools help agency find exploited children

Over the past 12 years, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking in the U.S. have been reported to a hotline that receives an average...
5G Accenture AI alibaba Altaf Shaik Andrew Tsonchev Apple artificial intelligence Black hat Black Hat USA 2019 Bug Bounty Cyber cybersecurity Darktrace Emotet Trojan Google Howard Marshall Intel ios IoT Ivan Krstic Jeff Moss Maggie Jauregui Microsoft Min Zheng Natalie Silvanovich NEWS Project Zero Russia Security Technische Universitat Berlin Top Stories Top Story 1

Report from Black Hat: Escalating cyberthreats swirl around Apple, IoT and 5G

It all started with a locker. Darktrace Ltd. was working with an amusement park that had installed smart lockers equipped with phone-activated access. Hackers, using...
#CubeConversations #theCube Applications black cloud Cube Event Coverage cybersecurity MAN Energy Solutions network attack NEWS Security Tony Fergusson zscaler Zscaler Private Access

MAN Energy protects ships at sea with Zscaler’s ‘black cloud’ software solution

It’s extremely hard for cyberattackers to break into something they cannot see. This has become an especially important need for MAN Energy Solutions SE, a...
#MITCDOIQ #theCube AI big data CDO role Chief Data Officer Cube Event Coverage data centric trends Egon Zehnder end user experience Machine Learning MIT CDOIQ Symposium NEWS post Hadoop

As CDO role matures, automation plays key role in the learning process

To better understand the role of the chief data officer in digital change, consulting firm Egon Zehnder International Ltd. interviewed over 100 CDOs of global...
#MITCDOIQ #theCube advanced analytics big data CDO role Chief Data Officer Cube Event Coverage data centric trends end user experience Machine Learning Mark Ramsey MIT CDOIQ Symposium NEWS petabytes post Hadoop Ramsey International LLC strategic value unstructured data

Gaining strategic value from data starts with advanced analytics

Imagine the challenge of owning warehouses of books and only a small fraction of them had titles. Yet, they all needed to be cataloged and...
#MITCDOIQ #theCube AI babson college big data CDO role Chief Data Officer Cube Event Coverage data centric trends deepfakes end user experience Machine Learning MIT CDOIQ Symposium NEWS post Hadoop Roy Amara The-Latest Tom Davenport video exclusive

As AI becomes more widespread, jobs and elections are prime targets

Will artificial intelligence take away jobs? The answer, according to one college professor, is quite possibly, but it will take a while and the full impact may...
#CubeConversations #theCube Bhawna Singh Christine Heckart Coupa Software Cube Event Coverage Diversity gender Glassdoor JP Krishnamoorthy NEWS Pay Gap Scalyr tech leaders technical debt thought leadership Workplace

Tech leaders panel addresses engineer satisfaction, managing technical debt, and workforce diversity

Building a successful company today means more than just moving fast, breaking things, and gobbling up market share. Success is increasingly dependent on hiring the...
#CubeConversations #theCube Cloud cloud migration Cube Event Coverage cybersecurity Erik Klein FrieslandCampina Microsoft Office 365 NEWS Ransomware WannaCry zscaler

How Zscaler helped dairy producer FrieslandCampina keep its data and milk safe

When a company’s product involves consumable dairy beverages, including milk and infant nutrition, safety is top of mind for everyone in the organization. That includes...
#CubeConversations #theCube containers Cube Event Coverage edge computing Kubernetes Moritz Mann NEWS Open Systems SD-WAN Security

Enterprise demands seamless hybrid-computing security; is SD-WAN the solution?

Enterprise security today demands not just a next-generation firewall, but intrusion detection and endpoint monitoring. As businesses migrate to a hybrid computing model comprised of on-premises...
#CubeConversations #theCube 5G broadband Cloud Cube Event Coverage Dr. Vikram Saksena IoT Netscout NEWS Telecommunications wireless

With 5G deployment on the way, NetScout at center of a network hurricane

The fifth generation of cellular network technology known as 5G is gradually being deployed by carriers, but initial delivery is likely to be enterprise focused...
#theCube AWS product Chris Colotti Chris Harney Cloud cloud solution Cohesity Container technology Cube Event Coverage Dawn Harney Dell-EMC developer community Jim Whitehurst Matt Broberg Microsoft NEWS Phoummala Schmitt Red Hat Sean Thulin serverless trends virtualization solution VMware product VTUG VTUG Summer Slam

Report from VTUG: Virtualization community rides shifting market trends as cloud employment grows

It’s called the “IKEA Effect.” In 2012, researchers from the Harvard Business School published the results of a study that showed that the act of building...