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DevNet program enables developers to see bigger, API-driven computing picture

The webpage for Cisco DevNet, the developer program for Cisco Systems Inc., could easily be mistaken for a tutorial on key elements of the computing...
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Data breaches, privacy concerns and government pressure turn up the heat for cybersecurity experts

There’s a growing realization among leaders in the cybersecurity community that 2020 will be the year of significant legislative action to protect user data. The...
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Snyk focuses on 28 million developers to address the application security challenge

It would be nice if imported open-source code arrived vulnerability free, but that’s not how the real world works. Code can have hidden traps, and...
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Tactile Mobility’s data-processing solution gives smart cars a better feel for the road

Cars have basically become computers on wheels, and there is one startup company that wants to give “feeling the road” a whole new meaning. Tactile...
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Cisco’s recent acquisitions offer insight into enterprise computing’s present and future

Big fish eat smaller fish, and in the annals of corporate acquisitions, Cisco Systems Inc. has a well-documented, king-sized appetite. Since its founding in 1984,...
#GitLabCommit #GuestOfTheWeek #theCube CI/CD pipeline Cube Event Coverage DevOps lifecycle tool Dmitriy Zaporozhets Git-repository manager github GitLab Commit 2020 GitLab IPO GitLab platform Guests of the Week Homepage Cube Videos Infra Kamil Trzciński Michelle Hodges Microsoft NEWS open source People public cloud Sid Sijbrandij The-Latest video exclusive Y Combinator

How GitLab parlayed an unusual approach to collaboration software into a multibillion-dollar business

In 2011, the co-creator of GitLab Inc., Dmitriy Zaporozhets, found himself working for a software company in the Ukraine, and he had a choice to make: Bring running...
#GitLabCommit #theCube Apps CI/CD pipeline Collaboration Cube Event Coverage DevOps lifecycle tool Git-repository manager GitLab Commit 2020 GitLab IPO GitLab Omnibus GitLab platform Ian Tien Mattermost messaging Microsoft Teams NEWS open source public cloud Slack The-Latest video exclusive Y Combinator

Mattermost co-founder survived tough times to launch game-changing collaboration platform

One of the co-founders of the influential startup accelerator Y Combinator once termed the struggles of entrepreneurs to launch a business the “trough of sorrow.”...
#CubeConversations #theCube Cloud Cube Event Coverage Data Center edge networks IoT IT transformation Monitoring multicloud Netscout NEWS Thor Wallace Virtualization Visibility

NetScout’s own IT transformation journey provides insight for its global customers

With its responsibility for network monitoring and service assurance, NetScout Systems Inc. works with customers around the world to support data-center transformation, a move from...
#CubeConversations #theCube Applications AWS Cube Event Coverage cybersecurity Michael Segal Monitoring NetScout Systems NEWS Security traffic mirroring vpn

NetScout solution lets AWS customers monitor network traffic for threats

What can’t be seen also can’t be protected. That’s why NetScout Systems Inc. and Amazon Web Services Inc. have teamed up to provide customers with a...
#CubeConversations #theCube Cloud Cube Event Coverage data Data Center Eric Smith Michael Segal Netscout Network Monitoring NEWS

Placing greater scrutiny on data as a single source of truth

As network technology continues to change, so have the roles and responsibilities of the people assigned to ensure its smooth operation. Information-technology organizations are now...
#GitLabCommit #theCube Amazon Apps CI/CD pipeline Cube Event Coverage DevOps lifecycle tool Git-repository manager github GitLab Commit 2020 GitLab IPO GitLab platform Google Microsoft monitoring tools NEWS open source public cloud Sid Sijbrandij

GitLab’s collaborative approach and common toolset embraced by enterprise developers

When Microsoft Corp. acquired GitHub in June 2018 for $7.5 billion, the move represented more than just a shift in the world of open-source software...
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Cloud, containers and copy data are just part of the story with Actifio’s 10c release

A decade ago, the information-technology world faced a serious case of tech sprawl. As data became more important to the enterprise, IT organizations were seeking...
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CES reveals a surge in AI, 5G and edge computing – especially in the enterprise

Behind the connected underwear, smart trash cans and a mood harness for dogs, a more significant confluence of trends emerged this week at the Consumer...
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Intel’s focus on AI maturation guides its data center strategy

When it comes to advancing the field of artificial intelligence, the ultimate prize is still clear. The goal is to come as close as possible...
#theCube Amazon web services AWS re:Invent Cube Event Coverage cybersecurity data breach enterprise public sector infrastructure Forcepoint Hackers JEDI contract NEWS Outposts Ravi Srinivasan re:invent Rohit Gupta S3 Security

Forcepoint takes a human-centric view of security to protect enterprise users and data

Traditional views of enterprise security are rapidly evolving from a strict perimeter defense to keep bad actors out to a more nuanced approach that takes into...