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Digital transformation doesn’t have to disrupt customer experience

Digital transformation has redefined how customers expect their problems to be addressed, even when they’re not aware: at the touch of an easy-to-use, well-designed app....
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Machine learning’s promises, pitfalls | American Banker

Advancements in financial technology can be credited with bringing about increased efficiency, reduced costs and expanded access to the financial system. But an overreliance on...
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AI becoming part of TD Bank’s DNA

TD Bank is no stranger to artificial intelligence. It began using Kasisto’s conversational AI platform to communicate with customers in 2017 and a year later...

How Machine Learning Can Help Prevent Police Shootings

But the push to use body cameras on police now has a surprising source: the camera industry itself. Late last month, Axon, the number-one manufacturer...
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Software firms MX, Personetics to meld clean data, AI-based analytics

The software companies MX and Personetics said Thursday they’re collaborating on a product that will help banks, especially small ones, give customers more accurate insights...
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How some banks, fintechs are tackling the tech-talent shortage

Abdullah Kareem’s life in Iran was normal until his father got a letter from terrorists who threatened to kill his entire family. The family escaped...
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First Derivatives and MRP make Belfast office move to support rapid growth – Irish Tech News

First Derivatives plc (FD) and MRP have recently relocated their joint Belfast office to accommodate the rapid growth of both businesses. FD recently announced plans...
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Using AI to help save lives – Irish Tech News

Written by Brad Smith, President of Microsoft  Persistent humanitarian crises caused by natural and man-made disasters, oppression and other emergencies have plagued our world as long...