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Trump attacks Danish prime minister, describing her as ‘nasty’ – live | US news

Yesterday, sitting in the Oval Office, the President of the United States questioned my intelligence, faith, and loyalty to this country—along with the intelligence, faith,...
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‘I don’t see a recession’: Trump and advisers reject talk of economic disaster | Business

Donald Trump and his chief trade advisers insisted on Sunday the US is not facing a recession which markets appear to fear and which prove...
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Trump to meet top advisers over US withdrawal from Afghanistan – live | US news

The session will review results of months of diplomatic outreach by Trump’s special envoy, former U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, and military plans to begin a...
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Trump blames ‘violent’ video games as El Paso death toll rises to 22 – live | US news

5.52pm BST17:52 Representative Joaquin Castro, who represents much of San Antonio, denounced Trump’s statement on the shootings and called on the president to stop demonizing...
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Trump Wants to Replace DNI Coats with a Leading Mueller Critic

Photo: Andrew Harnik (AP) Update, Sunday, 4:55 p.m. ET: Donald Trump confirmed on Twitter Sunday afternoon that he will nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe to be...
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Russia targeted all 50 states in 2016 election, Senate panel report finds – live | US news

2.27pm BST14:27 Five more House Democrats have announced their support of launching impeachment proceedings against Trump since Robert Mueller testified. Perhaps most notably, representative Katherine...
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Mueller says Trump could still be charged with obstruction once he leaves office – live | US news

4.01pm BST16:01 Mueller: Yes, Trump could be charged after leaving office Mueller replied to a question from Representative Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado, that...
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Trump attacks the Squad as ‘very racist group of troublemakers’ – live | US news

8.30pm BST20:30 Mueller will make opening statement In some not exactly earth-shattering news, special counsel Robert Mueller will deliver an opening statement during his highly...

In battleground Florida, Republicans shrug off Trump’s tweet ‘kerfuffle’

PALM HARBOR, Fla. (Reuters) – An immigrant to the United States, Suzanne Vale took no offense at Republican President Donald Trump’s tweet this week telling...