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IBM Cloud Garage’s recipe for innovation in months, not years

A heaping pile of new technology does not a business solution make. That is not to say cloud, serverless computing, open-source software, etc., are useless. But
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Facebook could be looking at a multibillion-dollar fine over privacy breach

Facebook Inc. and the Federal Trade Commission are currently negotiating what might turn out to be a record-breaking multibillion-dollar fine, according to an article in
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Accenture DARQ Power offers intelligence for the post-digital era

Being cloud-enabled is no longer enough to differentiate a company from its competition. As society reaches the point where the majority of businesses have adopted
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Race is on to light up the data-driven hybrid model network

During the IBM Think conference in San Francisco this week, IBM Corp.’s chief executive officer, Ginni Rometty, declared that a combination of private data centers and
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Expanding its cloud platform, DigitalOcean launches managed database service

DigitalOcean Inc. today launched the first in a new series of managed database services that will challenge existing offerings from bigger rivals such as Amazon
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NetApp’s stock takes a hit as its revenue growth stalls

Shareholders in data storage company NetApp Inc. were left reeling today after the company reported revenue and guidance that fell short of Wall Street’s expectations.
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Hosting partner of major credit reporting agencies hacked and data stolen

Image-I-Nation Technologies Inc., a technology and hosting partner of major credit reporting agencies, has been hacked and consumer credit data stolen. The company provides services
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Amazon launches a lower-cost storage tier for its Elastic File System

Amazon Web Services Inc. late today introduced a new storage tier for its Elastic File System service. Amazon EFS is a highly scalable storage service for cloud-hosted