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Theresa May receives ‘red card’ after trying to showcase her football skills on Twitter — RT UK News

A video of Theresa May kicking a ball around with a group of children has been mocked by the Twitterati, who skewered the prime minister for trying to score political points by alluding to recent successes in English football.

“It’s been a historic week for English football, with Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea inspiring children, adults, Prime Ministers,” May tweeted on Saturday, attaching a video of herself playing football in her Maidenhead constituency.

The video shows the prime minister awkwardly winding up for a kick, then sending the ball sailing off the screen – much to May’s visible delight.

The stunt did not go over well on social media, however, with Twitter users lambasting May for trying to hitch her wagon to the four English teams competing in this year’s European finals.

“You dropped the ball a long time ago. Red card,” wrote user @DominicFarrell.

“Kicking the can down the road again !!!” another unimpressed comment read, likely alluding to May’s foot-dragging over Brexit.

Others participated in some digital eye-rolling, noting that May’s kick came off as unnatural and staged.

“You can’t beat a spot of heavily choreographed spontaneous fun,” joked one netizen.

And of course, the memes flowed like wine at a Roman toga party.

This isn’t the first time that May has tried to cash in on the unusual triumphs of English football. After Liverpool overcame a 3-0 first leg deficit at the hands of Barcelona in their Champions League semi-final on Tuesday, May pledged to make a ‘comeback’ of her own in Brexit negotiations with the EU.

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