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This giant and deeply terrifying hand sculpture is dividing the people of New Zealand

There is a special place in the beating heart of the internet for a creepy sculpture or mascot.

Remember Gritty? Or the Partick Thistle FC soccer mascot that looked like a terrifying Lisa Simpson? Instant viral fame, for both of them.

And it looks like a giant hand sculpture that got airlifted onto the roof of a gallery in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday is about to go the same way.

The sculpture, which somewhat resembles an oversized version of Thing from The Addams Family, is called “Quasi”, and it was made by artist Ronnie van Hout. It previously resided in Christchurch, but now it has a new home.

Let’s go in for a terrifying close-up.


As you can probably imagine, the reactions to Quasi were… mixed.

Still, Quasi did have some defenders.

If people know what’s good for them then they, too, will love and respect the large hand. Who knows what Quasi does after sundown, whether it climbs down from its lofty perch and stalks Wellington, looking for small animals to ingest, or perhaps it’s just looking for another hand to hold.

Either way, it would be unwise to anger it.

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