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This Radio Control Sailboat Uses 2X4s

When [PeterSripol] was a kid, he made a simple sailboat from a scrap piece of 2×4 and some napkin sails. He’s not 8 years old anymore, but he decided he wanted to make another 2X4 sailboat using the skills he’s learned since he was a kid.

You’ll have to get past storytime and mice, but the build skill is evident. There’s a RC rudder, a keel with lead shot and overall it is a good looking boat for such a simple build.

You won’t learn any electronics watching this video but the mechanical construction to make the wood hydrodynamic was interesting. They compared the boat to an even cruder homebrew boat, a commercial boat and — in some cases — a log.

We wouldn’t have thought to use carbon fiber arrow shafts for the masts. They are readily available, strong, and lightweight. Good idea. The servo mounting technique — while not beautiful — was certainly easy and effective. [Peter] has learned a few things since he was 8, apparently.

While this video is a bit frivolous, sailboats can be important for some offshore sensing where power is at a premium. Of course, our favorite sailboats are in a different kind of ocean. It got us to wondering what else you could make out of a 2×4.

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