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TomoChain partners with Portal Network to establish blockchain name service standard

Tomochain, the blockchain application ecosystem announced that it has partnered with Portal Network, the decentralized domain name service standard to establish the blockchain name service standard (BNS) on top of TomoChain.

Once Portal Network’s BNS standard is deployed on TomoChain, users can bind their wallets and DApps with a name they choose, avoiding human errors while making transactions and exchanging messages. Portal Network will also work on building multiple related products such as a marketplace, browser extension, KAIZEN and more. These product suites will allow both technical and non-technical users to create, deploy, and experience decentralized websites and applications.

The partnership between Portal Network and TomoChain marks an important step towards the development of a modern token economy and will enhance overall user experience and adoption.

What is TNS (TomoChain Name Service)

TNS, which stands for ‘TomoChain Name Service’, is a domain name service governed by smart contracts that transform human-comprehensible decentralized website names (such as ‘mywebsite.tomo’) into addresses that can be understood by the decentralized network machines.

TNS eliminates the need to copy or type long hexadecimal cryptocurrency addresses. With TNS, users can send tokens to their friends using a human-readable address like ‘myfriend.tomo’, instead of a default address like hxef73db5d0ad02eb1fadb…’. Users will also be able to interact with a contract at a human-readable address such as ‘mycontract.tomo’ or visit a swarm/IPFS-hosted site at a domain like ‘yourdweb.tomo’.

Furthermore, all the built-in features of TomoChain will be accessible via a meaningful name that the user chooses, such as “mybusiness.tomo” — providing businesses more options and potential to use branding and open up commercial opportunities on the TomoChain platform.


TomoChain is working on the Ethereum codebase to create a system of masternodes. This masternode infrastructure provides high bandwidth processing power, which can vastly improve the transaction volume and execution speed with near zero transaction fees.

Compatible with EVM-based smart contracts, the TomoApp is where the Ethereum blockchain and TomoChain align. Tokens can be managed within their dedicated digital wallet, TomoWallet, which is secure and easy to navigate, and users will be able to interact with each other with the built-in messaging feature. All of TomoChain’s features will be accessible through each user’s unique account.

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