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Top Cryptocurrency Events You Should Look Out for in February

The year started off with a high number of crypto events, and its second month has an even more busy schedule. For those of you interested in participating a summit or conference which focuses on blockchain or digital assets, please continue reading our list of the top crypto events which will take place in the month of February.

1. Axess ThinkTank

Event date: 01/02/2019- 01/02/2019

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

The Axess ThinkTank conference will bring together industry leaders, innovators, regulators, and investors to approach subjects regarding crypto adoption, regulation, ICOs, blockchain and how they interact or impact the market.

ThinkTank will consist of four sessions, each one focusing on different aspects of the industry. At the event there will be speaking the following people: Andrea Maechler- Member of the Governing Board Swiss National Bank, Michael Kumhof- Senior Research Advisor Bank of England and Daniel Heller- CFO of BitLumens.

2. Digital Entertainment World (DEW)

Event date:  04/02/2019- 05/02/2019

Location: Marina Del Rey Los Angeles, California, US

Digital Entertainment World will be welcoming innovators, companies and important names from the industry where there will be discussing focusing on making or monetizing digital entertainment content.

The announced speakers include: Benjamin Grubbs- the Founder & CEO of Next 10 Ventures, Jason Lake- CEO & Founder of Complexity Gaming, Halsey Minor- Founder & CEO of Live Planet, Gerrit Meier-CEO of Red Bull Media Network.

Source: Opportunity Desk

3. Advancing Bitcoin Conference

Event date: 07/02/2019- 08/02/2019

Location: London, UK

Advancing Bitcoin will feature two days full of workshops and discussions where developers can engage and enhance their knowledge regarding the latest innovation in the Bitcoin environment.

The conference will be welcoming Jameson Loop and Jeremy Welch- the CTO and CEO of CASA respectively, Stepan Snigirev- CTO Crypto Advance, Adam Fiscor- Creator of Wasabi Wallet, Philip Glazman- Software engineer at Bitmain.

4. London Blockchain Week

Event date: 08/02/2019- 14/02/2019

Location: London, UK

The London Blockchain Week is one of the biggest events in Europe to focus on blockchain and its use cases. This year’s schedule will start with a Blockchain Hackathon, which will then be succeeded by a 2-day conference and exposition, after which workshops and evening events will be hosted.

The invited speakers are: Andrea Bonaceto- Founding Partner & CEO at Eterna Capital, Lee Rowley- MP UK House of Commons, Paul Veradittakit- Partner at Pantera Capital.

5. Nakamato’s Den Investment Blockchain Conference

Event Date: 19/02/2019- 20/02/2019

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

The crypto-friendly nation of Cyprus will be hosting a series of investment and networking events, as well as Digital Startup Battle, a competition for blockchain-based startups. The competition will be seeing established firms fighting to receive funds from some of the world’s top companies.

The following speakers have been announced to participate: Toni Lane Casserly- Co-Founder of CoinTelegraph & CULTU.RE, David Kam- Founder and CEO of Earth Dollar, Chairman of the U.S. Blockchain Association & President of the Nevada Blockchain Association, On Yavin- Founder & CEO at Cointelligence


6Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Event date: 20/02/2019- 20/02/2019

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The event will be the largest of its region, expecting over 5,000 delegates from 43 countries. Investors, entrepreneur, and engineers that have expertise in the field of blockchain will be delivering talks regarding this century’s emergent technology and the current state of the crypto market.

The event will have some heavy names from the finance industry taking the stage: Tom Lee- The Wall Street Analyst, former J.P. Morgan Chief Equity Strategist, Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tim Draper- Founder at Draper Associates.

7. NFT.NYC Digital Collectibles NFT Conference

Event date: 20/02/2019- 20/02/2019

Location:  New York, US

The PlayStation Theater in New York City’s iconic Times Square will be welcoming 2,000 delegates to an event which will focus on various aspects regarding non-fungible tokens. Enthusiasts, developers, and fans will be able to take part in debates, workshops, and briefings which will be presented by industry experts and influencers from the space.

The event will have the following speakers: Jodee Rich- CEO at PeopleBrowser, Alex Atallah- Cofounder & CTO at Project OpenSea, Michael J Casey- Chairman of the Advisory Board at CoinDesk, Graham Friedman- Co-Founder of TLDR.

8. Trescon World Blockchain Summit

Event date: 27/02/2019- 28/02/2019

Location: Malaysia

The summit will be gathering the most prominent figures from the blockchain and technology space, as well as new startups, government authorities, entrepreneurs, investors and developers.

Various use cases will be explored, in addition to keynotes session, panel discussions, exhibitions, and startup pitch competitions.

Trescon has announced that there will be speaking: Rene Bernard- President of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, Samson Lee- Founder & CEO of CoinStreet, Andrea Bonaceto- Founding Partner & CEO of Eterna Capital, Dinis Guarda- CEO & Founder of Ztudium, Blocksdna,

9. Blockchain Summit Hong Kong

Event date: 28/02/2019- 28/02/2019

Location:  Hong Kong

1,000 attendees are expected to arrive at Blockchain Summit Hong Kong, where industry leaders, businessmen, and tech developers will be meeting to discuss blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) and take full advantage of this networking opportunity.

The event will be welcoming the following speakers: Georgio Mosis- Head of Innovative Technologies at AIA, Will Myles- Managing Director Asia-Pacific at RICS, Steve Siu- CEO of CargoSmart, Anuj Nangpal- Head of JLL Technology Ventures


10. EBIC 2019

Event date:  28/02/2019- 02/03/2019

Location: Vienna, Austria

The European Blockchain Investment Congress and Exhibition will start on the last days of February and will feature three days of talks revolving around blockchain technology and its impact on society and its future.

Leading industry brands will be joining the event, as well as renowned international speakers which will be sharing their insight at panels that will be focused on the most recent developments in the blockchain.

There will also be discussions regarding how key sectors such as law, retail, finance, healthcare, insurance, energy, and government, will be affected by this technology. In addition to panels discussions and case studies, there will be presentations and a competition for ICOs.

The speakers that have been announced are: Marloes Pomp- Program Manager Blockchain, Dutch Government, Dinis Guarda- CEO & Founder Ztudium/ Blocksdna/IntelligentHQ.


This has been our list regarding the top crypto events that will take place in February 2019. Be sure to book your tickets in advance!

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