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Twitter down TODAY: Server latest as social media giant is offline

UPDATE ONE: Twitter has yet to provide an update on today’s outage, providing users with an error message on each page.

It reads: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

ORIGINAL: Twitter servers have gone down today, with social media users reporting a mass outage in the United States and Europe.

So far there have been no direct reports from Twitter regarding today’s outage, which appears to have affected the whole platform.

From what is being reported by users today, it appears that Twitter pages are no longer loading, leaving everyone unable to read messages, or send Tweets.

“Please come back, I was winning an irrelevant argument,” one affected user writes.

Another adds: “Watching the outage spread on the map is like watching the virus map on Planet of the Apes.”

As mentioned above, this appears to be a worldwide outage that has hit many regions and countries.

It’s unclear what might have caused today’s Twitter outage or how long servers might be down for.

If problems continue, Twitter is expected to share some kind of update and perhaps an ETA on how much longer services will be offline.

The only problem will be that Twitter will have to post it to another social media platform so that users can read it.

Thousands of reports have been posted on Down Detector websites tracking today’s Twitter problems.

These can give a rough guide on just how big an outage it is, with over 10,000 reports logged.


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