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Uber reveals futuristic ‘Skyports’ where passengers could hail FLYING taxis

While flying cars were once objects from science fiction blockbusters, they’re very much becoming a reality.

Now, Uber has revealed the futuristic concept images for ‘Skyports’ – airports where passengers could hail a flying taxi.

Uber revealed several concept images, including one called CitySpace, which was created by Gensler .

Diane Hoskins, co-CEO at Gensler, explained: “Uber is more than a transportation company; they are pioneering an aerial rideshare experience accessible to everyone where they live, work and play.

Uber Air Skyport design

The CitySpace is designed to be added to existing buildings


“These fast approaching changes taking place in urban areas are accelerating dramatic changes in the built environment of cities.

“Gensler’s mission is to create a better world through the power of design, and our Skyports offer an opportunity to shape our cities for tomorrow while creating a more human experience today.”

The CitySpace is designed to be added to existing buildings, and is made up of four components – the Final Approach and Takeoff (FATO) area, elevators, boarding area and sound baffles.

Gensler’s CitySpace concept

Once inside the terminal, passengers could explore a Concession Village


Passengers could arrive by any means, but those who travelled using e-bikes, e-scooters and electric cars would have the option to dock and charge their vehicle at the CitySpace.

Once inside the terminal, passengers could explore a Concession Village which would include restaurants and shops, as well as a health and wellness centre.

When ready for their ride, passengers would then travel to the top of the CitySpace, where a flying taxi would be waiting for them.

While the images are still concepts, it might not be long before they become a reality.

Gensler claims that the CitySpace could be rolled out in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023!

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