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Understand Linux Htop Visually | Hackaday

If you want to know exactly what’s going on in your Linux system, some of you might reach for top. For the  connoisseur of system monitors, nothing less than htop will do. Not familiar with htop? [Ahsen Saeed] did a beautiful job of doing it graphically.

We’ve mentioned htop in a previous Linux Fu, but we’ve never gotten a chance to dig into it. And now, we don’t have to.  Like top, the htop program is still text-based, but it has a much nicer interface with colors, and easier way to send signals to processes, and support for tree displays. You can even use the mouse with it if you want to.

[Saeed] did a lot of work to take screenshots of htop at work and annotate them. Sure, you could read the man page, but we think this is a lot better.

Of course, there are other improvements to top. Glances is pretty interesting, for example. For serious system administration help, you can try Webmin or Cockpit.

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