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Vodafone Ireland launches innovative Gigabox modem and app

Vodafone shop. Image: claudiodivizia/Depositphotos

Vodafone Ireland says its new Gigabox modem and app will provide faster wireless speeds and better coverage.

As fibre-to-the-home broadband connections become more commonplace, increased technological demands also need to be met.

On that note, Vodafone Ireland has launched the Gigabox modem and mobile app for its gigabit broadband customers across the country. The Gigabox modem will be given free of charge to new gigabit broadband customers and the accompanying app will allow for control of the home Wi-Fi network from a mobile device.

Vodafone Gigabox to boost connections

Vodafone Ireland says the modem will provide faster upload and download speeds for customers, claiming wireless download speeds of up to 713Mbps. The Gigabox modem also steers internet-connected devices in the home to the optimal Wi-Fi network between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz options available, making coverage more reliable. Its chipset consists of Broadcom BCM63138 and Wi-Fi BCM43602/BCM4366E.

Gigabox router. Image: Vodafone.

The Gigabox also uses beam-forming technology, which sends a stronger Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are located in the home. Beam-forming is a traffic signalling system for base stations that hones in on the most efficient data delivery route to a particular user, while also reducing interference for nearby users. This creates higher network efficiency by minimising co-channel interference, improving overall network capacity.

App allows portable control of Wi-Fi network

The Gigabox app lets the user change Wi-Fi passwords, control who is connected to the network and the duration of their connections, and even set up a guest account to manage router access. Users can also change and manage time limits on Wi-Fi availability, a particularly useful feature for parents.

Lutfu Kitapci, consumer director for Vodafone Ireland, said: “Vodafone customers’ demand for high-speed broadband services and products is increasing every day. More devices are connected, each device that’s connected is requiring more bandwidth, and that’s why the Gigabox modem and app are so important. They provide fast wireless speeds, improved coverage and seamless control in the home.”

Vodafone shop. Image: claudiodivizia/Depositphotos

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