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Want to work at Dropbox? Here’s what you need to know

Tech giant Dropbox is known around the world, but what’s it like to work there?

File-hosting service Dropbox allows its customers to keep and transfer files with the reassurance that they are backed up on the cloud and its brand is known all around the world.

For those in the tech industry who want to land a job at Dropbox, what will make you stand out as a candidate? What is Dropbox currently recruiting for? And what’s it really like to work there? headed down to the company’s Dublin office to find out.

Dropbox started in Europe in 2013 and its first European office was in Dublin. Though the company has scaled out with a number of offices across the continent, Dublin remains its core hub.

Geraldine McCarthy is the head of sales in EMEA for Dropbox. She told us that the company has a very diverse workforce with more than 20 nationalities currently working in the Dublin office.

“We have amazing places to collaborate together, to come together and work, we have a fantastic barista downstairs to keep us engergised and we’ve a gym so people can arrange their workout around their working day.”

McCarthy said that Dropbox is growing both in Dublin and around the world. “Specifically, in Dublin, we have a range of functions here including sales, customer experience, finance and many other roles.”

She said that the company welcomes people from a diverse range of backgrounds but in particular, its constantly looking for sales people across Europe, especially people from the Nordics and Benelux to work on those teams in the Dublin office.

If you’re passionate about your career development, McCarthy said Dropbox is an ideal place to grow your career. She mentioned one particular team member who started as a graduate in the customer experience department, before seeking a new challenge in sales. “Fast-forward four years, he is now head of retail for the UK market.”

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