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Weather Channel Goes Off Air After Being Affected By Ransomware Attack

The Weather Channel has been surprisingly affected by a ransomware attack that lasted an entire hour. Because of this attack, The Weather Channel went off air for a short period of time. The information was released by the firm on April 18.

The Weather Channel Affected By Ransomware Attack

According to the company, they have experienced issues with their live broadcast after a malicious software attack on their network. Nonetheless, through backup mechanisms, they were able to restore the program. Authorities are now investigating this issue.

About it, they informed:

“We experienced issues with this morning’s live broadcast following a malicious software attack on the network. We were able to restore live programming quickly through backup mechanisms. Federal law enforcement is actively investigating the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience to viewers as we work to resolve the matter.”

As the FBI stated, their network experienced an attack, but there is not more information on the matter about this issue.

These ransomware attacks have been affecting the whole cryptocurrency network and its community. There have been several occasions in which users download an infected file and malicious software is installed in the users’ computer. In order for the computer to be released and work properly, users would have to make a payment, generally in Bitcoin (BTC) or other virtual currencies.

A ransomware attack has, for example, affected the British health service. The most surprising thing about the attack to The Weather Channel is that there is no information about who could be behind this attack.

In general, experts recommend not to pay the ransom and try to bring the computer to an expert that might be able to solve the issue. It is also important not to download files from people that we don’t know and from mysterious emails that could be related to phishing scams or ransomware.

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