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“What Is Bitcoin” Is the Most Popular Searched Definition In 2018

As we stagger toward the end of 2018, Bitcoin in its dark hours continues to make headlines on a daily basis. Everyone wants to know and understand this new currency, and where better to find information than Google.

For the first time, Bitcoin made it into the top global web searches following weeks of significant price declines for the digital asset with the coin plummeting below the $3,500 price point this month. 

According to data from Google Trends, Bitcoin is approaching historically high levels of popularity not seen since 2017.

The search engine giant released on Wednesday its annual year-end roundup of the things people searched about the most on its search engine this year. Among them are the results for the phrase beginning “what is Bitcoin.” It seems like everyone is trying to understand precisely what it is, what it entails, and how it would impact the common man.

Also, “How to buy Ripple” took the third spot under the search category “How to…” according to Google Trends Data.

The report isn’t only an interesting insight into the Bitcoin popularity throughout 2018 but also an accurate measure of the general public perception and attitude towards the emerging digital currency industry.

The event marks continuous mainstream exposure for the dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Although Bitcoin came to prominence in late 2017 when its value hit a record high, interest seems to have remained even as its value continues to crash in 2018.

The price of Bitcoin grew by 20 times throughout last year, rising from roughly $800 in January 2017 to an all-time-high of almost $20,000 in January 2018. The crypto market cap also topped over $250 billion in December last year to $59 at press time, data from CoinMarketCap shows.

For over a decade, people have relied on Google to get their most pressing, silly or embarrassing questions answered.

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