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Why Did Weiss Ratings Give Bitcoin an A Rating? : Bitcoin

The Weiss Ratings report is designed to help investors find the best crypto to invest in.

“Weiss seeks to help achieve that goal by rating 122 cryptocurrencies, based on four models – technology, adoption, risk and reward.”

Bitcoin is listed right at the top of Weiss Ratings report, and has been given an exemplary A Rating.

On Tech/Adoption Grade: Bitcoin got an A rating, due to the Layer 2 Lightning Network upgrade, which has improved its speed and scalability, & is growing at an exponential rate.

Weiss believes that Bitcoin is also ” a popular store of value”

Weiss believes that Bitcoin has the best combination of technology and adoption, & is “impossible to hack”, making it the most secure crypto.

The report contains a lot more detailed information than given above, but you do need to give an email address to receive the full report. It is well worth getting and is free.


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