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You Can Now Declutter Twitter the Marie Kondo Way

If you’re active on Twitter then you probably follow too many people. But do those people all bring you joy? Do their tweets make you happy? Do they really deserve your time and attention? If not, it’s time to use the KonMari method on your Twitter feed.

Marie Kondo has made quite the name for herself in recent years. The KonMari method is a way of tidying up your house, only keeping the things that spark joy, and getting rid of everything else. And it turns out this can also be used to declutter Twitter.

Apply the KonMari Method to Twitter

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method can be applied to Twitter thanks to Tokimeki Unfollow. This is a tool designed to help you pare the number of people you follow on Twitter down to the bare minimum. At the end of the process you should have a more manageable feed.

Tokimeki Unfollow is the brainchild of Julius Tarng, a former product designer at Facebook. It works along the same principles as the KonMari method, asking you to really analyze everyone you follow on Twitter and judge whether they deserve their place.

To use Tokimeki Unfollow you have to authorize the app to use your account. Once signed in, you simply go through each account deciding what to do with them. You can choose to carry on following them, to add them to a list, or to unfollow them completely.

You’re advised not to look at people’s profiles. Instead, you’re meant to judge people on their most recent tweets alone. As Marie Kondo’s philosophy dictates, you need to decide if those tweets spark joy in you. And if they don’t, you should stop following that person.

Unfollow People Based on Their Tweets

Tokimeki Unfollow has been created using Glitch, and is open-source. Which means people can remix the tool and add new elements as they see fit. However, the biggest challenge by far is actually deciding to unfollow people based on nothing but their tweets.

If you use Tokimeki Unfollow on your Twitter followers then you should explore further. It turns out Twitter isn’t the only way you can apply the KonMari method to your digital life

The KonMari Method Applied to Your Digital Life

The KonMari Method Applied to Your Digital Life

To live a happier life, discard everything that doesn’t bring you joy and organize the rest. Here’s how to apply the KonMari method to your digital life.
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. And deleting apps, documents, and photos that no longer spark joy can be therapeutic.

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