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Your Thursday Briefing – The New York Times

President Trump welcomed President Andrzej Duda to the White House, promising him more American troops in Poland, defending Warsaw’s record on democracy and staging a showy flyover to mark their friendship.

While there, Mr. Trump signed an agreement to send an additional 1,000 American troops to Poland as a hedge against Russian adventurism in the eastern stretches of Europe, bolstering about 4,500 already there on a rotating basis. He did not agree to the permanent presence Poland has sought. (Its leaders even suggested naming a base Fort Trump.)

History: After Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and annexation of Crimea in 2014, the U.S. and NATO allies began sending small units of troops to Poland and the Baltic states on a rotating basis. It was intended as a deterrent to any further moves by Moscow, a reminder that those nations were now under the protection of the North Atlantic alliance’s all-for-one defense umbrella.

Related: This morning, “The Daily” takes you to Poland, where a nationalist government has been in power for years. Begin listening in a few hours, or check out previous episodes in this week’s five-part series on the rise of nationalism and populism in Europe.

Tourism saturation in European hot spots can quickly ruin a vacation. But there are quieter alternatives, if you know where to look.

Instead of Santorini, head to Tinos; skip Barcelona and head to Valencia. Here are six places in Europe that offer shelter from the crowds.

Hong Kong: The debate on an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial was delayed for a second day, after widespread protests and clashes with the police a day earlier. The hospital authority said 72 people had been hospitalized as of Wednesday night.

Trump administration: In an interview, President Trump said that there would be nothing wrong with accepting incriminating information about an election opponent from foreign governments and saw no reason to call the F.B.I. if it were offered, contradicting his own F.B.I. director.

Moscow: The police arrested about 400 people, including the country’s main opposition leader and journalists, during a street protest against abusive police tactics. We have video from the scene.

Israel: Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accepted a plea bargain and will pay about $15,000 to settle accusations that she misused about $100,000 in public funds in managing the couple’s official residence.

Sudan: The top U.S. diplomat for Africa is joining an international push to press Sudan’s military rulers and the opposition toward a deal on a transition to democracy two months after the overthrow of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

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